APG boosts Les Boucans de la Baie

Long-standing APG customer and Martiniquan rental company Formule Teck has added to its inventory with 14 DX15 monitor speakers.

The new equipment made its first public outing on December 30th 2011 at the prestigious Les Boucans de la Baie event, organised each year by the Tourist Office of the Martiniquan capital Fort de France. All audio requirements for the evening concert, which included a full APG PA and monitor system, were handled by Formule Teck.

Les Boucans de la Baie is a major celebration that involves the whole town and culminates in a fireworks display and a concert held at La Savane, a 12-acre park that borders Fort St-Louis overlooking the bay. Performing at the concert was Mahogany, a Martiniquan orchestra of 18 musicians including six violins and a brass section of six musicians led by Manuel Cesaire, noted pianist and arranger.

Formule Teck supplied an APG Matrix Array PA system comprising two APG4000 systems and one APG6000 system per side, housed in PA towers either side of the stage supplemented by eight TB218 subs across the front of the stage and two DS15s as front fill. The fourteen new DX15s supplemented by four DS15s provided the stage monitoring system.

According to Formule Teck’s Daniel Noreskal, the event was deemed a great success. “We achieved excellent coverage across what is a large outdoor space. I’m used to working with my Matrix Array systems and I know that they are perfect for this type of event. I was also pleased with the new DX15 monitors. They are extremely light weight and easy to handle with amazing gain before feedback,” Noreskal commented.

“Furthermore, the two angles give us a lot of flexibility with the musicians, some of whom are seated, some standing. My trusty DS15s have served, and continue to serve, me well over the years, but I have to admit that the new DX Series are in a different league. Needless to say, all the musicians were all delighted with the performance of the DX15s, and that makes me a happy man.”