API wedges special: Funktion-One

Audio Pro International continues its focus on the world of wedges with a look at some choice offerings from Funktion-One.

With its award-winning PSM12 point source monitor, Funktion-One has created a model designed to provide extremely power in a compact package. It features a custom designed 4” voice coil, 12” driver for maximum power at low frequencies and a 1.4” compression driver for high frequencies. The company’s unique driver technology allows the compression driver crossover point to be nearly an octave higher than is typical, resulting in a present but smooth sound, particularly when under pressure. The 70° high frequency conical waveguide is concentric with the 12” driver, providing a point source arrangement for even coverage and minimising feedback. Furthermore, the monitor is switchable between passive and active operation and is supplied with a 35mm integral stand mount.

As well as the PSM12, Funktion-One’s RM18 point source monitor is also built to provide optimum levels of power. Its triple concentric arrangement comprises a high power 18” driver with a coaxially mounted two-way compression driver. The natural materials used in the midrange section of the compression driver combined with its 700Hz – 18kHz bandwidth are designed to offer optimised clarity and definition to the vocal range. Meanwhile, the neodymium 18” driver with 5” voice coil is optimised for bass definition, rendering the monitor equally suitable as a drum monitor. The RM18 has a 70° Funktion One conical waveguide for high efficiency and control and the point source arrangement is aimed at providing smooth coverage and minimising feedback.