API?s THE BOX at The Casino

THE BOX has settled into a new home in a Nashville studio – The Casino. Owned and operated by Eric Masse, The Casino records LPs and EPs for signed artists and bands within the city. Masse consulted Chad Evans at Vintage King while he upgraded his studio, and now admits that THE BOX “feels like the missing piece” to his former setup.

“I had been craving the next step up for my sixteen I/O studio for a while,” said Masse. “When I heard about THE BOX last year, I started gearing up for it.” The Casino, which also houses two lunchboxes, six 512c mic pres, a 5500 dual equaliser, and a 2500 stereo compressor, stayed in the API family when looking to gain control over pans and add inserts.

“Enter stage right – THE BOX,” jokes Masse. “I can hardly contain my head from exploding from all the options. It’s the centre of my studio. I can route things in the mix like never before, and parallel compress things all analogue. I can add outboard effects post-conversion to individual tracks, and I don’t have to use my converters to feed the hear-back headphone hub. I can instead build a mix with the sends, and use the inserts for direct ‘more mes’ and use all sixteen converters for audio. I’m digging it.”

Apart from the functions, the customisable 500 Series inputs allow The Casino to create its own unique sound. “I like that I can utilise the 500 Series slots on the program bus, while still using the input channels. So far, to be honest, I like everything about it.”

Since installing THE BOX, Masse has put the final touches on singer/songwriter Rayland Baxter’s second album, and is currently mixing alternative artist Mikky Ekko’s record. He is also ready to record the second country music album Charlie Worsham. “I like that it’s a console, and not a console.”