Audio-Technica continuing A&H training at Wigwam Acoustics

Audio-Technica, the exclusive distributor of Allen & Heath products in the UK, is to host a free training event on 29 May.

The event aims to give attendees an overview of the full range of Allen & Heath digital mixing consoles including the Qu, GLD and iLive Series.

Held at Wigwam Acoustics in Heywood, Lancashire between 10am-4pm (with refreshments and lunch provided), the training will be delivered by Rodrigo Thomaz, one of Audio-Technica’s Allen & Heath product specialists.

The day will begin with an introduction to Wigwam, and will include a brief overview of the history of Allen & Heath and the development of its product range over the years, with a period of time at the end to ask any additional questions.

The event is designed to ensure that those attending leave with a working knowledge of all Allen & Heath digital consoles – and all in attendance will receive a certificate to confirm completion of the training.

The event is the next in a line of Allen & Heath training events, the most recent being last month.

To provide best possible service, spaces are limited. This event needs to be pre-booked, so contact to book your place.