Australian analogue studio upgrades with Audient Heritage console

An Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition mixing console with Dual Layer Control (DLC) now sits at the heart of Multitrax studio, an ‘old school’ outfit based in Melbourne, which prior to its recent upgrade, was fully analogue.

When the time came to upgrade the console – the last one having been hand-built by co-owner Shane Alley – it wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly. His brother, sound engineer and producer, Ray explains: “We decided on the Audient ASP8024 Heritage. We knew it would be good, but we were in for a big surprise. Both Shane and myself arrived at the same conclusion independently: this is, without any shadow of doubt, the best desk we have ever worked on. I would go as far as to say it’s the finest desk you can buy in the world – for any money.

“It’s so flexible and makes even the hardest possible recording sessions a pleasure. Instead of pulling your hair out, you can just focus on the recording without having to worry about things!”

The brothers with their business partner Brett Owen came to the conclusion that investment in the Audient desk would help broaden their offering: enabling their regular clients to continue enjoying all analogue, while opening up their services to new artists wanting to integrate digital technology. “Apart from our digital effects and outboard gear, we have always been an all analogue studio, and that will continue to be our main flow of work,” said Ray.

The brothers now plan on investing in another Audient Heritage desk, further cementing their relationship with the British manufacturer.

Audient’s DLC offers creative DAW control and automation, along with eight moving faders that can be banked across the entire session and offers useful control features, including transport control, track record enable and plug-in selection/editing.

“It has made a hell of a change to our standard of work,” continued Ray. “The customers love it, as do the freelance engineers who were in just last week. Everybody comments on what a great looking desk it is, too.”