Berklee adds two Yamaha consoles

Parsons Audio recently added two new Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Consoles in the Berklee College of Music’s Berklee Performance Center for use by student and faculty productions as well as national entertainment.

A CL5 is positioned at front of house with a second based in Studio BPC located in an area above the theatre.

“We had the Yamaha PM1D for eight years, and wanted to make sure we could stay up-to-date with current, commercially available (and currently supported) technology,” states Ed Libeartore, A1 at BPC. “We also really wanted to have something with remote iPad control, so we could mix monitors on stage from the FOH console.

“Handing an iPad off to a student assistant has been working amazingly well. It lets me concentrate on the house mix and seems to make the performers more comfortable knowing that there is somebody who can listen to the same monitor speaker with them and build a custom mix right on the spot with exactly what they need without ever having to shout to me, standing 50 feet away.”

Studio BPC, which regularly multitrack records many of the performance centre concerts, is a teaching lab for live performance location recording classes. The studio is fed from a separate split off the on-stage mic snake box, but also receives a feed from the house Dante network for additional options. “I am really happy with our decision on going with the CL5 console for our live recording studio,” states Alejandro Rodriguez, associate professor, music production and engineering, Berklee College of Music. “The Dante Network is key in the success of our new BPC Studio, and we use Nuendo Live linked to the CL5 as one of our two multi-track systems capable of recording up to 64 channels, receiving independently the outputs of our 64 Grace mic preamps.”