Blackbird Studio introduces Academy programme

Blackbird Studio in Nashville has launched a new studio/live sound programme designed to teach students how to use high-end mics, consoles, outboard gear, and more.

The first Blackbird Academy classes will begin on September 30th 2013.

Students will be taught on the same equipment used by professional producers, musicians and recording artists who have created Grammy Award-winning records at Blackbird Studio. On January 6th 2014, the school will launch a Live Sound Engineering Program based on the same model. The 24-week programme will focus on all aspects of live engineering and sound reinforcement for touring, medium/small venues, and houses of worship.

Staff instructors and directors of education include audio educator, musician and recording engineer Mark Rubel, and Kevin Becka, a longtime educator, engineer and technical editor of Mix Magazine.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time,” said Blackbird Academy founder, live sound and recording engineer John McBride. “Mentoring is a responsibility I don’t take lightly, and judging from interviews with Blackbird Studio interns over the years, a better education should be available for people who want to make a career of audio recording and live sound engineering.”

Other Blackbird Academy courses will include:

Studio Engineering Program – A 24-week programme, with facilities consisting of three recording studios and a large main laboratory/studio dedicated full-time to education. The Learning Laboratory seats 30 students and is an audio production space in its own right.

Summer High School Recording Camp – A three-day summer camp run by Blackbird Academy instructors, special guest musicians, engineers, producers, singers and songwriters. Participants will be taken through the music production process from beginning to end, starting with introduction to the Academy facilities and gear, then through tracking, overdubs and mixing.

Fantasy Recording Workshop – Another three-day workshop aimed at adults with intermediate skills. Participants will be taken through the tracking, overdub and mixing of a live band and will learn advanced Pro Tools techniques, workflow tips to increase speed and audio quality, and advanced mixing techniques using gear from the Blackbird collection.

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