Blackhawk Audio supplies Meyer Sound LEO for Winter Jam tour

A Meyer Sound LEO set-up is handling the 2013 Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, one of the main highlights on the US Christian music calendar.

Tennessee-based Blackhawk Audio is providing the large-scale sound reinforcement system for the tour, which is now underway, and heading to 58 American cities in total, until March 2014.

“Winter Jam’s music goes from hip-hop to hard rock, and from pure pop to spoken word,” said Jerry Holcomb, production manager and FOH engineer for Winter Jam. “The clarity and performance of the Meyer Sound products, especially the LEO line arrays, allow for exceptional audio every night.”

Winter Jam presents a big challenge for the production team, as most of the concerts take place on consecutive nights, and tickets are only available on the door for $10. Ticket sales typically begin at 4pm on the day of the show to accommodate the large crowds.

“The time frame is extremely tight, so the sound system has to go up and come down quickly,” added Jamie Nixon of Blackhawk Audio. “It also has to clearly deliver powerful sound to the back rows of the largest NBA-level arenas. LEO delivers on both counts.”

The LEO system features main hangs of 12-each LEO-M line array loudspeakers, along with 12 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements and six 700-HP subs. The end-stage configuration also includes 24 MICA speakers for out fill, as well as dual clusters of MSL-4, CQ-1, CQ-2 and UPA-1P loudspeakers to cover seating to the side of the stage. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system, consisting of two Galileo Callisto 616 array processors and two Galileo 616 processors, provides system drive and optimisation.

“With the power of the LEO-M and the 1100-LFC in particular, we get better coverage in the bigger arenas using fewer boxes,” Nixon continued. “With the rising production costs, we’re delighted that the system helps save truck space.”

Avid VENUE Profile consoles have been picked for FOH and monitors, while the artists are using Shure PSM 1000 IEMs, as well as ULX-D wireless microphone systems from the manufacturer.

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