Blur request Entec Sound

Blur have continued their 20-year working relationship with UK-based rental company Entec, which is supplying lighting and sound equipment for the band’s current tour.

Entec’s Sound department is supplying a monitor and control system for the band’s summer shows, working with Blur’s engineers Matt Butcher (FOH) and Dave Guerin (monitors).

A Midas PRO9 FOH console was specified by Butcher and also at FOH Entec supplied a Midas DN9650 network bridge that allows him to do a multi-record on his laptop via MADI interface.

A Yamaha PM5D-RH console from Entec is used by Guerin to mix monitors which are 20 d&b M2 wedges, purchased new by Entec for this Blur summer season, all powered by new d&b D12 amps. The side fills are two d&b V-SUBS and two V8 tops per side, together with a further two V-Subs and a pair of M2s for the drum fill.

An Entec Veam 64way line system deals with the monitor split to the Midas DL351 stage box feeding the PRO9, and this also feeds into the various festival audio systems when they are playing in that scenario.

Entec’s own Ed Hammond and former Entec employee Shabby (Adam Draper) are the current systems techs. Liam Halpin worked on the start of the tour but left for a while to fulfil other commitments in June and July.

Photo: Linda Brownlee