Brit Row helps Spurs wave farewell to White Hart Lane

Britannia Row Productions recently provided a complete sound reinforcement system for the farewell ceremony at White Hart Lane, the now former home of Premier League runners-up Tottenham Hotspur.

Sunday 14 May saw the final match played at the ground before demolition work started in order to make way for a new stadium in 2018.

The complete system comprised eleven stacks of L-Acoustics Kara including SB28 Subs around the pitch perimeter, two Yamaha CL5 for live mix and IEMs, and a Profile to manage Pro Tools tracks.

“The closing ceremony proved a triumph,” said Andrew Zweck of Sensible Events, who helped produce the ceremony with Spurs. “Broadcast live to over thirteen million fans around the world, Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler said after the ceremony, ‘this is a club that is doing everything right’ and I’m sure I heard thirteen million voices say, ‘Aye.’”

Tom Brown, Brit Row’s project manager for the event explained how months of meetings preceded the event: “The fact is it needs a lot of care and attention to detail. This is 2017 and audio has to be perfect, not just within the stadium, it has to be perfect to broadcast as well,” he remarked. “We were not allowed to place anything around the pitch before the game had ended, apart from a small amp’ station placed well behind each goal and fully padded just in case. We had barely 20 minutes after the match ended to have everything on the field and ready to go live to broadcast.

“We had ambient mics to track a thirty-piece marching band and thirty voice choir,” continued Brown. “That’s a big deal in itself. Then there was a close mic’d tenor Wynne Evans a world class opera singer and all were performing live in a torrential downpour. Plus, we had VT of Spurs Legends narrated by Sir Kenneth Brannagh. That all had to be perfect.”

“There is no blue print for something like this,” added Zweck, who is a season ticket holder and as a fan was happy to help. “It has to evolve. Spurs management knew they wanted their fans to feel involved, to have the fans singing and be part of it. Tom Brown and the guys from Brit Row did a great job making it seem simple. It couldn’t have gone better. They have people with vision at Spurs.”