Calle 13 tour with DiGiCo

Two DiGiCo SD8-24s are along for the current tour of Puerto Rican band Calle 13, which travels to South, Central, and North America, as well as Europe and Asia.

“I use 58 mic inputs on 52 channels at front of house, but the console is still not maxed out,” front of house engineer Luis Irizzary says. “The front of house and monitor console share one rack. This means that we get the same great audio quality at both positions and only having one stage rack makes the system very compact and easy to transport.”

As previously mentioned, the FOH console has a total of 58 inputs with eight local outputs, whilst the monitor console, operated by Sergio Arredondo, takes 56 inputs from the DiGiRack, plus eight local inputs and 32 outputs from the DiGiRack along with eight local outputs.

Luis is also utilising a DiGiGrid MGB interface, which he uses as an interface for MultiRack Waves SoundGrid, to record the shows and perform virtual sound-checks via SoundGrid.