Clean Bandit rely on RME Fireface

Brothers Jack and Luke Patterson from Clean Bandit have spoken out about how they’ve been making good use of the Fireface UFX interface from RME in the studio and for live performances.

The four-piece electronic group are best known for their multi platinum hit Rather Be, which stayed at the top of the UK charts for four weeks in 2014. Following on from the success of the single, their debut album New Eyes hit Number 3 in the UK in June of the same year. 

In an interview with Synthax Audio, the brothers revealed how the set-up for their own London studio is based around the UFX. "All the string parts in the final mix for Rather Be were recorded in that studio, and therefore through the UFX," said Jack. "I have to say, they sound great!”

When the album was finished and it was time to set up a rig to take on tour, it made sense for them to continue using their trusted Fireface. They even bought a second to create a classic ‘A/B mirrored’ keyboard rig, based around two Mac Minis (side by side in a 1U rack frame).

Because the playback rack is so portable they can use it at many different kinds of gigs and public appearances. Sometimes the playback audio goes into a mixing console and main PA, but in other situations where there’s no house desk, they need to mix themselves, as Jack explained: “In those situations, because all RME products come complete with TotalMix FX, and that’s a complete standalone mixer, we are able to use TotalMix FX controlled from an iPad via Touch OSC as our main mixer. No console required!”

Synthax Audio is the UK distributor for RME.