Codex Audio assists Bruce Foxton?s ?From the Jam? With Midas PRO2C

David ‘Lofty’ Lockhart, owner of production and rental company Codex Audio, has recently invested in a pair of Midas PRO2C digital mixing consoles.

Provided by LMC Audio, the consoles have assisted Lockheart while he currently works as system technician, tour manager and head sound manager for various bands, including The Blockheads and Bruce Foxton’s ‘From the Jam’.

Lockheart was first introduced to PRO2C via a demo held by LMC Audio employee Tim Barber at his company’s warehouse. After comparing the desk to Audio Codex’s existing stock, he was sufficiently impressed to make an immediate investment. He commented: ‘“The PRO2C demonstrated it’s benefits in terms of footprint, weight, capability and usability, and sonically it’s absolutely amazing value for the price.”

Speaking after a recent charity event featuring ‘From the Jam’, Lockheart stated: “The PRO2C is the best of both digital and analogue. It sounds and feels like the best desk with knobs you’ve ever used, and you don’t need a truck to get it to the gig. People (myself included) get excited just looking at them."

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