ConcertSound Clair rebranding to Clair UK

UK live audio service company ConcertSound Clair is changing its name to Clair UK on February 11th 2013.

Founded in 1977 as Concert Sound Ltd, the firm was formed following the break-up of Welsh rock band, Man, with a team consisting of manager Barrie Marshall, Tim Boyle from the Arthur Howes Agency, tour manager David ‘Tag’ Hall and road crew Jeff Hooper and Robert Collins.

At Boyle’s suggestion, Man’s PA system started getting rented out to other artists after the band’s final show in December 1976, and Concert Sound was born in Watford, with Hall initially at the helm of the business. Within the first two years of operation, Concert Sound quickly earned a reputation for a high standard of service, catering for artists and bands such as The Clash, The Ramones, Dire Straits,Tom Jones and Leo Sayer.

Later moving to Luton, the business grew throughout the ’80s and ’90s, and began working as the UK touring partner to US-based Clair Brothers.The partnership was solidified at the end of 2008, when Concert Sound joined forces with Switzerland’s AudioRent Clair, thus becoming the UK arm of Clair Global.

Aron Ross, Clair UK’s general manager, commented: “I see our name change as a logical move forward to reinforce our position as part of the Clair Global network. We are still the same individuals and this re-branding simply presents a united front, and underlines that we are delivering the same service that has been provided in the USA and Europe for many years. It’s a name and legacy that we are very proud to share.”

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