Craig Bauer adds DAD AX32 to Hinge Studios setup

Craig Bauer, a Grammy-winning producer who has worked with such artists as Kanye West and Justin Timberlake, recently added a DAD AX32 AD/DA converter, multichannel preamp, monitor controller and audio router from NTP Technology to his new Los Angeles-based Hinge Studios.

After being based in Chicago for 20 years, Bauer decided to relocate to LA, which represented an opportunity to make some changes to the studio setup and workflow.

The DAD AX32 plays a central role in the studio design, as Bauer explained: “I conducted an extensive shootout of various converters and the AX32 became the clear winner. And not only in terms of the ‘sound’ of the conversion, but also the amount of flexibility the AX32 offered for my Pro Tools rig.”

Staying within the digital domain by mixing ‘in the box’ allows Bauer to create a studio setup where he can control everything hands-on from his Avid S6, and via the Eucon control protocol the AX32 and S6 integration happens seamlessly.

“I have fitted my AX32 with AD cards, each holding 8 microphone preamps, and being able to control every parameter of the mic pres directly from the S6 surface is perfection. I never have to leave the centre position or turn my back to the speakers to adjust a parameter,” Bauer continued. “Further, integrating the AX32 Pro | Mon monitor controller license for complete control of my monitors, cue and talkback directly from the surface is indispensable."

Finally, adding the Dante AoIP option was also a game-changer at the Hinge Studios setup, optimising mixing workflows and saving production time.

“The flexibility in Dante combined with the DAD software is very powerful, and it solved a long-standing annoyance as well. I can now route audio directly from my Mac into my control room monitors without having to quit or change anything in other audio applications while mixing,” Bauer concluded. “Subsequently, I can reference a track from a streaming site, iTunes, or browser simply by selecting a different monitor path from my S6. That’s not just a small thing in terms of my daily workflow, that’s huge.”