Crown XTi 2 series power amplifiers now available

Crown Audio and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced shipping of the XTi 2 series of amplifiers.

The XTi 2 features enhanced control with Crown’s PeakX Plus limiters, which are taken from the same framework as those found in I-Tech HD and the new XLS DriveCore Series amplifiers, which allow users to manipulate threshold, attack and release times.

A new subharmonic synthesiser allows control over which frequencies are targeted and can be altered for a specific system or room setup. Advanced Thermal Control also offers the user the ability to tailor the fan performance to their specific application. The XTi 2 also increases the amount of presets a user can save and recall from 20 to 30.

“Crown’s proven reputation in the portable sound market for building amplifiers that provide the highest level of value and performance is unparalleled. The new XTi 2 series pushes the industry threshold and redefines the feature set that users can and should come to expect from portable PA amplifiers,” stated Andy Flint, marketing manager for Crown.