Daft Punk album powered with Universal Audio tools

Daft Punk’s long-awaited return, Random Access Memories, was mixed at Conway Studios in Los Angeles by Mick Guzauski, who relied on Universal Audio hardware such as 1176s and LA-2As. “We used those extensively on Random Access Memories,” explained Guzauski. “I used LA-2As on bass and vocals and 1176s to control and compress vocoder vocals and guitars."

Although Daft Punk wanted minimal digital processing on the record, Guzauski did reach for UAD Powered Plug-Ins. "Some plug-ins definitely did a better job than our analogue outboard gear," he explained. "For example, we used the UAD Precision De-Esser quite a bit on vocals. Sometimes we used hardware instead, but if we needed serious de-essing, the UAD plug-in worked better and gave us more control."