Dallas Audio Post receives Meyer Sound resolution

Dallas Audio Post has built a new 10,500 sq ft facility from the ground up to offer world-class film, television, and multimedia sound editing and mixing. The complex features Dallas’ first Dolby-approved dub stage, with monitoring handled by a Meyer Sound cinema system based on the Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeaker.

To support Dallas Audio Post’s wide variety of projects, Roy Machado (pictured left), owner and Creative Director, asked that the Meyer Sound monitoring system be set up to accommodate multiple surround modes employing both the cinema ‘X curve’ and flat equalisation.

"The performance of the Meyer speakers is tremendous, and their versatility is just phenomenal," said Machado, one of the stage’s principal mixers. "It’s a joy to mix on a monitoring system that I can trust, not only for film work but also in every kind of setting. We use the room for mixing independent films, cable television programming, and live playback multimedia for major arena sporting events – the Meyer system is incredibly accurate for all those applications."

Referred to as ‘the Dolby Stage,’ the room was designed by Francis Manzella (pictured right) of Mahopac, NY-based Francis Manzella Design, in consultation with Dolby. Seamlessly integrated with the room acoustics, the Meyer Sound audio system comprises three Acheron 80 screen loudspeakers, eight HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers, two X-800C cinema subwoofers, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 408 processors. Dallas-based Sound Productions supplied the monitoring system.

"I’m hearing a level of resolution that you can’t even get from mid-field monitors, which is what I’m used to working with," stated Machado. "Even though we’ve doubled or tripled the distance between my position and the monitors, I’m hearing even more detail. That is truly remarkable."

Recent projects at Dallas Audio Post include the independent films Unconditional and Sanitarium, and the HGTV television series’ Home Strange Home and Cool Pools. The facility also supplies sound production services for live arena playback at Dallas Mavericks basketball and Dallas Stars hockey games, often involving dynamic surround mixes in a custom 11.2 format.

"I’m extremely proud of the room’s performance," said Machado. "When you place Meyer Sound speakers in a top-notch acoustical environment, they become monitors capable of mixing anything. I would not want to move any further in my career without having Meyer Sound monitors with me."