Digico mixes Glee in concert

A Digico SD7 has been used to mix Glee live in concert, in the stage version of the hit TV show.

Clair Global provided the show’s sound requirements, supplying two SD7s, one for the cast and one for the band, with JH Audio providing its JH 16 IEMs and founder Jerry Harvey taking care of monitor duties on the cast console.

“On last year’s Glee tour I was using an analogue desk,” said Harvey. “But this show has so many cues happening at the same time it was almost impossible to pull it off on an analogue desk, so I made the decision to go digital and move to an SD7.

“I have 96 inputs and 14 stereo IEM mixes for the actors and I find the snapshot function is very user friendly and a huge benefit to mixing a show like Glee.”

Harvey had already used the SD7s for the US leg and said they worked flawlessly.

“The audio is amazing,” he stated. “I have always been an analogue mixer and this is the first digital desk that doesn’t sound like a giant MP3 player.

“The customer service has also been amazing. I am a HUGE fan of this console. The flexibility and the exceptional audio quality is so impressive I will always have an SD7 on my spec going forward.”