Digico to resurrect Soundtracs brand at NAMM

NAMM 2013 will see the reintroduction of the Soundtracs brand by digital solutions manufacturer Digico.

Soundtracs has a long history in music recording and post-production studios and is set to preview a range of new products, which were designed to take advantage of Digico’s advancements in digital FPGA designs and Stealth Digital Processing.

The last significant launch for Soundtracs was the DS-00 production console in 2003 and its revival has been a long-planned project.

"Moving back to the studio market with Soundtracs was always something we planned to do,” said James Gordon, Digico’s managing director. “The challenge was developing products with the right technology that would offer something revolutionary.

“There have been lots of technology shifts in the last few years and we saw this as a great opportunity, but we needed to partner with the right company and there was really only one option for us, but we will keep you guessing until the NAMM announcement”

“I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the project the Soundtracs design team were working on during the summer,” added Simon Blackwood, business development director for Digico. “The design concept is truly compelling and the NAMM product launch will challenge market perceptions of the Soundtracs brand. The product line is set to change the shape of networked audio and create significant new opportunities for our prospective users.

The new range will ship progressively from Q2 2013.

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