Disclosure backed by Adlib

Adlib supported Disclosure with a control package for their latest UK tour and a sound system for their two sold-out O2 Academy Brixton performances.

The control package comprised two Midas PRO2 consoles complete with a Midas DL251 stage box and an Adlib 48-channel splitter, plus a combination of L-Acoustics ARCS and SB28 side-fills.

There were also two L-Acoustics SB28s onstage for air movement. Adlib supplied a pair of its MP3 wedges for the support DJs.

For Brixton, a complete L-Acoustics V-DOSC system was installed. Twenty V-DOSC cabinets were configured 10-a-side left and right hangs complete with three dV downs a side flown at the bottom of the hangs, plus two more dVs for centre stage lip-fills.

The sub elements were provided courtesy of six ground-stacked SB28s per side and the side fills were boosted to three ARCS and two SB28s per side.