Dynacord in Beirut’s latest VIP haunt

An offshoot of London’s Whisky Mist nightclub has opened in Beirut, with a Dynacord system installed at its core.

Intent on offering the best possible sound, the club used the services of Beirut-based sound specialist team Hi Fi Service to install the system, which features 25 VariLine loudspeakers, six subwoofers four DSA multi-channel amps and a P64 digital audio matrix manager.

Since high sound pressure levels were also required, the team’s managing director, Oussama Mansour Abou Faraj, only considered Dynacord. He commented: “We’ve long been fans of Dynacord products. They are reliable, robust and highly efficient.”

The system is powered by four Dynacord DSA multi-channel amps, in addition to the eight EV P3000 already installed at the club. Their variable load drive (VLD) technology adds an element of flexibility, as it allows each channel to be configured individually. 

When combined with the RCM-810 module, the amplifiers can be programmed to deliver any output power, from 100 W to 1000 W in one W increments into any load from two to ten ohms. Control and supervision is performed by a Dynacord P64 digital audio matrix manager.

This feature particularly impressed Faraj, as he commented: "The VL loudspeakers offer outstanding sound quality, and the subwoofers, too, are excellent – but my absolute favourite is the P64. It simplifies our job enormously. Instead of running backwards and forwards between the loudspeakers and amplifiers, with the P64 we can configure and supervise the entire system digitally using IRIS-Net software."