Dynacord presents new A-Line loudspeaker range

Dynacord has announced the launch of its new A-Line family of active and passive loudspeakers.

The new A-Line range is comprised of three active and three passive models, including one 12” and one 15” two-way / full-range system and an 18” subwoofer, in both active and passive versions.

Attuned to one another and equipped exclusively with high-quality components, all members of the A-Line family are designed to offer high power-handling capacities and balanced frequency response, as well as 15-mm-thick plywood cabinets. Each of the loudspeakers in the A-Line series are matched, allowing a multitude of combinations that respond to a wide range of sound reinforcement requirements.

A-Line (active models)
The A-Line offers three active loudspeaker models:

A 112A – 12” two-way / full-range
A 115A – 15” two-way / full-range
A 118A – 18” subwoofer

The components used in each case are tailored to output from the integrated 500-W (IHF-A) power amplifier. The models A 112A and A 115A can be pole-mounted or stacked on top of the subwoofer. Ergonomic handles are designed to ensure both carrying comfort and safe setting-up.

Each of the two-way/full-range models, the A 112A and A 115A, come with a Class-D two-channel (bi-amping) digital power amplifier, as well as signal processing. The integrated FIR filters are aimed at achieving a more linear frequency response with less overlapping in the crossover region.

The 12” model is equipped with an EVS-12K (A 112A), and the 15” model with an EVS-15K (A 115A), woofer, whilst the treble is served by a 1.5” tweeter with a titanium diaphragm and a 90 (horizontal) x 50 (vertical) degrees dispersion pattern. With both microphone and line-level inputs on combo XLR and cinch (RCA) sockets, the devices afford a variety of connection options. Because of their asymmetric footprints, both the 12“ and the 15” models can also be used as active stage monitors with a monitor angle of 60°. A switch is provided to select between EQ presets for monitoring and standard applications. A further switch activates a high-pass filter when operated with an active subwoofer.

The A 118A active subwoofer features similar characteristics, with an integrated power amplifier delivering 400 W (IHF-A) peak power to the 18” EVS-18K woofer. The device also offers a master volume control, a phase-reverse switch and an XLR / RTS combination input.

A-Line (passive models)
The A-Line also features three passive models.

A 112 – 12” full-range
A 115 – 15” full-range
A 118 – 18” subwoofer

The passive A-Line models can be operated inter alia by powered mixers from Dynacord’s PowerMate series. Any configuration involving the two 1000 W PowerMate-3 models will ensure safe operation whilst optimising the dynamic range.

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