EastWest supports Pro Tools 11

EastWest has announced Pro Tools 11 compatibility for its entire catalog of instruments.

The company released the newest version of its software PLAY 4 to support all its collections with Avid’s new AAX format. This will allow Pro Tools 11 users to work with EastWest’s virtual instruments in 64-bit, greatly improving performance. Doug Rogers, founder of EastWest, said: "PLAY 4 and Pro Tools 11 make the perfect combination. Many of the top composers in the world rely on EastWest and in the past have had to make compromises to their workflow to achieve their creative goals. At EastWest, we strive to help composers create outstanding music with the highest quality virtual instruments, without compromise, using innovative engineering and technology. The quality of the instruments we provide put a lot of demands on the DAW software, but Pro Tools 11 is now perfectly suited to meeting those demands and allowing professional media composers to take their creativity to a higher level.”

PLAY 4 also includes new time-stretch software optimised for loops (with sync to sequencer); offers a new mixer page (with sub-channels for mic positions), background loading, SSL/EW FX suite that includes SSL EQ & Dynamics Channel, SSL Transient Shaper, SSL Stereo Compressor, EastWest Expanded Convolution Reverb, and many other new features.

Andrew Wild, Avid Marketing Manager, commented: “Play 4 coming to AAX 64-bit for Pro Tools 11 is exciting news for musicians and composers who will experience an exponential boost in power for the creative freedom to use more of EastWest’s vast collection of virtual instruments than they ever thought possible and press beyond technical limitations to make the best sounding music."

Over 30 EastWest/Quantum Leap collections are now Pro Tools 11 compatible, including EastWest’s Hollywood series including Brass, Strings and Woodwinds (all editions), the Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs (all editions), Fab Four, Goliath, Gypsy, Ministry of Rock, Ministry of Rock 2, Pianos (all editions), Ra, Silk, Solo Violin, Stormdrum 2 and 3, Voices of Passion, The Dark Side, collections such as Complete Composers Collection 2, Complete Composers Collection 2 Professional (which will include a site license for recording studios), and Spaces.