Edge Studios gains SSL console

A Solid State Logic AWS 924 hybrid console/controller is now the centrepiece of Edge Studios. Located in a series of former 17th-century outbuildings of a stately home and working farm, the studio was designed to deliver a state-of-the-art recording experience with enough room for shooting a music video. Since the AWS 924 arrived, the studio has been booked solid.

“When we first began to put the studio together, we were using a live/recording console that served us well, but, as we completed construction on other parts of the studio over a 12 month period, we knew the original console was the weak point, prompting the search for what ended up as the AWS 924,” says John Delf, owner/engineer, Edge Studios, known as a live sound engineer. “I was in the United States on tour and saw the AWS and thought, I have to get that console for the studio because the quality and sound of it was incredible. It’s the right size for us, it has a very sophisticated DAW interface that is the best in the industry and it has that magic SSL name on it.

“From the minute we first opened the doors with our original equipment and some construction yet to do, we were immediately busy,” states Delf. “With the advent of the AWS 924, our bookings have elevated from busy to massively busy. We literally do not have the time available to fit all the groups that want to come here to record. The AWS pays for itself and more, not only in terms of the wow factor for the client base, but how rewarding it is when mixing or recording on it. The AWS just does all the things you want it to do. When clients come into the studio and they see the SSL name, they immediately hold you in pristine respect.”

Edge Studios has been built on the premise of providing the highest levels of acoustic environments from the large studio room to the dedicated drum room, plus a very large live room containing two Grand Pianos and two small vocal booths, augmented by an excellent monitoring system. The AWS was the final piece of the audio puzzle to complement the high-end space.

“Once we listened to previous tracks and started recording through the AWS, we quickly realised how much better it was from the older setup,” explains Delf. “It was like we were looking through a dirty window all this time and suddenly cleaning it. Everything became a lot clearer, more defined. The AWS elevated this recording space with world class polish.”