EdiCue software honoured with Engineering Emmy

Mark Franken, founder and lead developer at Sounds In Sync, has been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the company’s software application EdiCue.

The Engineering Emmy is presented to ‘an individual, company or organisation for engineering developments so significant that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.’

In the 67th Primetime Engineering Emmy Award announcement, the Television Academy stated: “EdiCue is established software that incorporates a groundbreaking workflow, which sound supervisors use to reliably create and update ADR cues within Pro Tools. This workflow simplifies the process of re-syncing cues when last-minute picture changes occur, and it uniquely provides visual methods to confirm that the timing of cues is correct. These features, along with the flexibility of EdiCue in interfacing with other tools and cueing systems found on ADR stages around the world, have led to its almost universal adoption by both independent television sound supervisors and major post production studios.”

For sound supervisors working in the television industry, EdiCue has made it possible to create and manage the ADR cues for even the most challenging of television shows, according to the developer. These include shows that have tight deadlines, begin sound post-production with pictures that are yet to be locked, or have actors recording in multiple countries and time zones.

Central to EdiCue’s workflow is the way it stores data within a Pro Tools session. This is not only designed to allow users to see that each cue is timed correctly during playback, but also to provide a simplified and reliable way to update the cues when picture changes occur.

“We are honoured to receive this prestigious award from the Television Academy for the development of EdiCue," remarked Franken. “We are excited to be recognised for the important part that EdiCue plays in the sound post-production process, and we are forever grateful for our clients who have helped shape EdiCue into the game-changer that it is today."