Focusrite Plug-in Collective offering FabFilter discounts

The Focusrite Plug-in Collective has partnered with FabFilter to provide registered Focusrite customers with a 25% discount off the Pro-Q 2 equaliser and Pro-DS de-esser plug-ins.

Those who register a hardware product or sign in by 31 March 2017 will be eligible for the exclusive offer.

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is an EQ plug-in that promises precise analogue modeling, linear phase processing and a retina interface with large interactive display. Designed for mixing and mastering, Pro-Q 2 delivers linear phase operation in addition to the zero latency Natural Phase modes, Mid/Side processing, variable stereo placement of EQ bands, an intelligent solo feature, optional Auto Gain and a built-in, fully customisable spectrum analyser.

The Pro-DS is a de-essing plug-in, ideal for processing single vocal tracks as well as entire mixes. It offers wide band or linear-phase split band processing, an optional look ahead of up to 15ms, adjustable stereo linking with optional mid-only or side-only processing and up to four times linear-phase oversampling.

So far, Plug-in Collective has partnered with developers including SoundRadix, Eventide and Positive Grid to provide registered Focusrite customers with some of their most popular plug-ins, with a new offer set to be introduced every month.