Formula One driver Bruno Senna installs AML2 speakers

Bruno Senna, Formula one driver and nephew of the late Ayrton Senna, is installing a pair of PMC’s AML2 active monitors in his Monaco-based project studio.

Senna, who uses the studio to work on remixes and production work of house and trance music, recently visited the PMC factory to collect the AML2s, whilst travelloing to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix.

PMC´s AML2 compact active monitors are aimed at providing a big monitor sound from a small speaker set-up. They take the design of the AML1 compact active monitor further, with newly introduced micro-engineered EQ tilt circuitry, enhanced power supply layouts, a revised cabinet structure with additional damping, and subtly revised cosmetics.

Senna commented on his new acquisition, saying: "How do you get a big monitor sound like that from such small speakers? These are the best nearfield monitors I’ve heard."