Fostex unveils PM05n studio monitors

Fostex has released its new PM05n speakers. Following on from the launch of the PM04n model, this new unit offers a number of new features, such as completely new drivers and the option of a white version, the PM05nW.

Perfect for smaller studios that require nearfield monitoring, the PM05n delivers 70 Watts of bi-amped power, as well as great full range performance and neutrality, even at high sound pressure levels.

Its compact size enables accurate placement in confined or awkward spaces and the dispersion from the two-way ported enclosure design allows it to deliver superb sound in a variety of different room types.

The cone utilises a blend of cut and milled fibres made from aromatic polyamide and features an olefin film to control frequency response and ensure long-term reliability. Its 20mm soft dome tweeter uses Fostex’s UFLC technology, resulting in lower weight and high stability performance.

The amplifiers are accurately configured to match the drivers’ capabilities and the voice coil is comprised of high purity copper wire for creating extremely low distortion. 

Both the FX-PM05n and FX-PM05nW have an RRP of £135.

SCV London is the UK distributor for Fostex.