Free acoustics analysis service from Primacoustic

Primacoustic, a division of Radial Engineering, has launched a free, comprehensive room acoustics analysis service that can be accessed now through the company’s website.

The user is simply invited to fill out a series of questions that will be used to determine the acoustic issues with their space. Question topics include the purpose of the room; its size; wall surface measurements; and existing floor and ceiling materials.

A description of the way in which the room will be used, and an explanation of the acoustical issues that need to be resolved in the space, are also required for the analysis.

Once filled out, the form is sent to an acoustic specialist who will engage with the user to review requirements, before providing a room analysis along with suggested materials and estimated budget for the installation.

Steve Dickson, Primacoustic market development manager, explained: "Most people realise that they have a problem in their room, but do not know how to identify it or come up with a solution. For instance, they may have a restaurant that is so noisy patrons are unable to converse during a meal. Another example could be a boardroom with a video conferencing setup where the echo in the room is so pronounced, that you cannot clearly understand the orator at the receive end of the transmission.

"By enabling the user to go online, prompting them for the required information along the way, we can quickly identify the problem and come up with a suggested fix. So far, the response has been amazing. We have been receiving multiple requests daily from the United States, Canada, Europe and far-off places such as India.

"Primacoustic is proud to offer this service as we know the difference proper room acoustic treatment can make and recognise most folks expect the process to be complicated. We are confident that the process is clear and easy to undertake, and that users will be pleasantly surprised to learn their solution is likely much more affordable than imagined."

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