Funktion One joins XTA and MC2 at Happy End

Citylight has installed a new system comprised of gear from Funktion One, XTA and MC2 in a new venue at Slovakian Jasná ski resort, Happy End.

The system was designed to provide background music for diners in the day and sound reinforcement live bands and DJ in the evenings. As such, it functions as three independent systems that can work separately or together. The latter two systems are controlled by two XTA DP548s, while overall system control is by an MC2 Ti 1048, with wall-mounted remote control panel.

“There was only one requirement – to provide the best sound, positive vibes and maximum power for the music,” explained Igor Horváth of Humenné-based installation company Citylight. “So, for me, there was only one possible solution.”

Happy End’s owner had been to the Blue Note jazz club in the Slovakian town of Nové Mesto nad Váhom, which was Horváth’s first Funktion One, MC2 and XTA installation in the country. “With that combination you get a really warm, acoustic feel, it doesn’t sound ‘digital’ at all and that’s what he wanted at Happy End,” he said.

During the day, background music is provided via four Funktion One F88 full range cabinets on each floor of the two-storey venue, two MB212 subs and two F81s each on the front and rear outdoor terraces, powered by three MC2 Ti1500 and one Ti2000 amplifiers.

The systems used for live bands and DJS is comprised of four Funktion One Resolution 3s for the main DJ sound, four Resolution 4s for the main live act sound, six F121 subs and four RM12 stage monitors, powered by five MC2 E25, three E90, one E45 and one E15 amplifiers.

“During the day the Ti 1048 manages the background music via a ‘daily use’ preset. In the evening it is switched to the ‘action’ preset, which turns off the MB212 subs and sets the delay time for each F88 speaker for infill, depending on whether it’s a DJ or live band performance,” says Igor.

Citylight acoustically treated the building to ensure that the concrete structure does not effect the system’s sound reproduction whilst still maintaining the décor of a traditional wooden mountain chalet.

“The entire Happy End design and build only took 100 days from start to finish and it is already a very popular venue. We are very pleased that the audio system is an integral part of its success,” Igor concluded.