Funktion-One Vero goes Full Throttle in Australia

Melbourne-based audio specialist, Full Throttle Entertainment, has invested in a Vero sound system from Funktion-One.

According to company founder, Adam Ward, the addition of the vertically arrayed loudspeaker system equips them to do bigger shows and answers the requirements of a wider range of clients.

“Vero opens up a lot of different markets for us,” said Ward. “Many clients need to see speakers look a particular way and irrespective of how amazing Vero sounds, it has the look many corporate and live clients want to see. We previously couldn’t get our foot in the door but now there is a whole new client base interested in talking to us.”

Full Throttle Entertainment played an important role in Vero’s development by deploying a beta version of the system at a number of events before it was officially launched, meaning Ward and his team had an opportunity to work with the system and build their understanding of it. Funktion-One founder John Newsham travelled to Australia to join Ward for the Googoosh concert in Sydney, which provided a real-world, one-to-one training scenario, and an opportunity to complete the training process.

In 1999, Ward set up Full Throttle Entertainment in Las Vegas, and it was here in the early 2000s that he first became involved with Funktion-One. Much later, and after returning home to Australia, Ward recognised that there was an opportunity in the Australian marketplace for Funktion-One. In October 2011, he formed Full Throttle Entertainment, which quickly became the go to company for Funktion-One in Australia, as well as a leading supplier for technical services, nightclub design, event production, and tour management.

This year, Full Throttle Entertainment has already delivered Vero sound to Transmission Festival Australia, Strawberry Fields (Main Stage), and Subsonic (Main Stage and Paradiso Stage) with great results. Future Australian Vero events include: Let Them Eat Cake 2018 (Main Stage and Guillotine Stage) and Pitch Festival (Main Stage).

Added Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews: “We’re very happy that there is now a Vero system in Australia and that it’s in the hands of a company that is not only technically proficient but also very knowledgeable when it comes to the demands of the market there. Adam and his team have already had some fantastic results with Vero. I’m certain that there are many more to come.”

(Pictured: Funktion-One’s Vero system at Transmission Australia 2017)