Get Into That Kitchen And Rattle Some JBL

A music store in Gonzales, Louisiana has installed a pair of JBL EON510 powered speakers into a custom mobile kitchen to function as the vehicle’s mobile PA system. The kitchen is used to prepare and give hot meals to relief workers and victims affected by the weather and environmental disasters in the Gulf Coast region. Music Inc, owned by Brandt Bourque, supplied the speakers, which allow the trailer to serve as a central source of information and to provide important announcements.

“We chose the JBL EON510 because it met some very specific requirements,” Bourque said. “We needed speakers that were durable, portable and could be set up and operated easily. The speakers needed to be able to be set up, torn down and stored quickly. Also, the speakers needed to be able to handle the high humidity of south Louisiana and the molded shell of the EON510 make them ideal for this environment. They also had to sound good, with clear speech intelligibility over a wide area.”

“The trailer has two side cargo doors that give access to the storage above the gooseneck portion of the trailer. These doorways provide a clean and secure place to put the speakers when the trailer is stationary. We can also easily move the speakers to another location if the situation requires a portable public address system – the EON510’s built-in microphone and line level inputs and amplifier make this really easy. For everyone involved in the mobile disaster relief kitchen, providing a great meal and playing some great music can really brighten someone’s day and give them hope if they’ve been hit by a natural disaster.”