GIVEAWAY: ProGaurd next-generation earplugs

To coincide with the launch of ProGuard Hearing Protection’s new Lin-Ear PR20, Audio Pro International will be giving away ten pairs of the company’s brand new earplugs.

Designed to allow users to listen to loud music in critical and social situations without compromising audio quality or risk of hearing damage, the Lin-Ear PR20 earplug features a re-useable 19dB linear attenuation filter that is CE approved to EN352-2:2002. The filter fits neatly into soft flexible silicon eartips (two sizes available – standard and small) that are aimed at providing both comfort and durability.

Fitting deep into the ear canal, the earplug is discreet and has no protrusion allowing the user to wear headphones or other types of headwear if required.

Specifically designed for musicians, DJ’s, sound engineers and music enthusiasts, the Lin-Ear PR20 is built to enable the user to listen to loud music in optimum clarity, whilst maintaining the live atmosphere without risking hearing damage. The PR20’s advanced membrane technology acoustic filter offers natural, undistorted sound with minimal occlusion effect, something that is often associated with earplugs. Its vented design also allows the trapped sound to escape through the acoustic filter, as if your ear was open, therefore leaving users with the most natural sound available.

Richard Frankson, sales director of Sensorcom, the company that manufactures and markets ProGuard Hearing Protection commented: “Sensorcom started to sell attenuating earplugs over ten years ago but the PR20 is a revelation with a natural listening characteristic so good you just don’t know you are wearing earplugs.”

So, to be in with a chance of winning a pair of the new Lin-Ear PR20s (RRP £14.99), simply email the word ‘Enter’ to API editor Daniel Gumble on with the subject header ‘Lin-Ear Giveaway’.

The giveaway is open until Friday November 2nd, when winners will be selected at random and notified by email.

Good luck!

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