Harman provides corporate conferencing solution

Harman’s BBS Audio Soundweb London networked signal processors have been fitted in a large auditorium in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The auditorium’s BBS Audio equipment includes two Soundweb London BLU-160 signal processors with digital audio bus and two BLU-120 I/O expanders with digital audio bus.

One BLU-160 is configured with four analogue input cards, while the other BLU-160 is configured with a telephone hybrid card, AEC input card and two analogue input cards. The two BLU-120 devices are configured with four AEC input cards and four analogue output cards, respectively.

“Because we were outfitting a large auditorium, the A/V system needed to accommodate and route a large number of audio and video sources,” noted AVI design engineer, Joshua Peterson. “The audio system needed to have a full palette of processing tools available, and more importantly, have the processing power to seamlessly and noiselessly bring all program audio into the room through a high-fidelity, full-range speaker system. In addition, the system needed to manage multiple wireless and wired presenter microphones in the auditorium, with reinforced audio going through a distributed audio custom speaker system.”

“Additionally, telephone conferencing and video conferencing needed to be an integral part of the system, for meetings with large numbers of people both on- and off-site,” continued Peterson. “A streaming audio/video connection was also needed between the auditorium and the company’s existing office center several miles away. All of these conferencing options had to be available and have the ability to interact with each other – which the BSS Audio hardware made possible.”

Peterson pointed out some unique challenges when designing the installation: “The BSS Audio components needed to interface with the control system for volume and routing, as well as for multiple preset recalls. In addition, the system needed to operate in both automatic mixer mode as well as a full-manual control system.

“We were able to achieve this by creating presets for automatic and manual mixing, essentially enabling the BSS Audio components to serve a two-fold purpose. First, the system serves as an automatic mixer for all local and far-end audio. Secondly, the system functions as a speaker management and output management processor to handle either automatic (all internal to BSS Audio) mode or manual mixing mode.”