Help preserve the Neve at London Bridge Studio

Seattle’s London Bridge Studio needs help in saving its 1973 Neve 8048 mixing board.

Over 2,500 hours and several laborers were dedicated to hand wiring and fabricating the Neve mixing board. The Neve has been responsible in helping to make history with releases such as Soundgarden’s Grammy-winning Louder Than Love, Pearl Jam’s multi-platinum debut Ten, and countless recordings that account for a total of over 25 million records sold. It has been in use nearly every day since its installation in 1985. Now the Neve needs to be completely refurbished.

London Bridge Studio owners Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott, and Jonathan Plum have discussed their options for the Neve. “We came to the consensus that the Neve was simply too important to the Seattle music community to replace it,” said Lilavois. “Rather than raise our studio rates and make the studio inaccessible to the local and global music community, we’re inviting those interested in preserving this rich history to take part in the restoration and help ensure this board’s accessibility for another 40 years.”

Through the campaign it has launched on the fundraising website Indiegogo, London Bridge Studio is raising $75,000 for the restoration and long-term preservation of the Neve.

There is an assortment of perks that range from a limited print Team Neve t-shirt to a $15,000 perk in which you can have your music recorded and produced by Rick Parashar, producer of Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Temple of the Dog, and Alice In Chains, and co-founder of London Bridge Studio.

Another perk is a name, quote, or dedication permanently engraved on the fully restored Neve for $250.

For more information about the available packages visit here.