HHB helps Voiceover Soho equip new multi-purpose studio space

HHB Communications has helped voice recording and audio post house Voiceover Soho equip its new production facility in Fitzrovia, London.

Voiceover Soho’s new space covers all areas of audio post, music production, voiceover and ADR. The Dolby Atmos equipped installation features an Avid S6 M10 work surface, Pro Tools 12, DAD AX32 I/O, Genelec 7.1.4 monitoring system and Dolby Atmos HT-RMU rendering unit.

Studio owner Peter Morris turned to HHB to help him with workflow advice and choice of equipment, with a brief to make the facility as adaptable as possible to meet current and future client needs. The company already has two sites and five studios spanning the Soho and Fitzrovia areas of the city.

“HHB’s tech know-how is absolutely brilliant. To see them championing two of my favourite brands (Genelec and Avid) made the option a no-brainer,” remarked Morris. “Our aim was to provide a complete solution, covering projects from start to finish. Which is why Dolby Atmos is so essential. We can now mix in 7.1, ADR and Dolby Atmos.”

HHB’s CTO John Johnson added: "It’s a very exciting time for Dolby Atmos and its integration into the professional studio workflow. Peter fully recognises the demand in for Dolby Atmos ready environments and has delivered a unique and impressive concept with the newest addition to Voiceover Soho’s portfolio of studio spaces.”