Horror film composer commits to ADAM Audio S Series

Film and video game music composer R. Kim Shultz has revealed how he was just about to place an order for a new pair of reference monitors when he received an invitation from ADAM Audio to attend a gathering showcasing the company’s new S Series speakers.

The ADAM Audio US Roadshow recently travelled to more than 20 cities across the country so that customers could sample S Series, the firm’s third generation flagship range of nearfield, midfield and main studio monitors for audio recording and production professionals. Shultz attended the event at Chicago Recording Company’s studios and was so impressed that he immediately ordered a pair of ADAM Audio S3V monitors for his production room.

“I had made another purchasing decision before I got the invite, but for some reason was procrastinating with my original decision,” said Shultz. “Then I saw ADAM’s invitation which had a picture of the new S Series. When I saw the monitors in the invitation it was a game changer. I had to go hear them and get the details.”

“Speakers have to sound really good and perform really well, and the look of them sitting in my studio is also very important to me. When I saw the photo, I said, ‘oh my gosh, these look like something Batman would have in the Batcave.’ They definitely look good, so if they sound good, I’m in.”

Shultz’s credits include a long list of horror films: D for Doom, Death Fan, The Prey, Bottom Feeder, and more. “Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of horror films and thrillers, with soundscapes and orchestra, and a little bit of synthesizer,” he continued. One upcoming release is Fate’s Shadow. “I’m very excited about that. It’s a short, but it has a great story.” Recent highlights on his credit list also include Down the Stairs, a short horror film from 2016, and 2014’s Schooladarity, a documentary about the Chicago and Wisconsin teachers’ strikes.

At the Chicago event, Shultz met with David Hetrick, ADAM Audio US president, and Adam Sheppard, regional sales and marketing manager, to discuss which new S Series model would be the right fit for his studio. “I had been researching all the major brands that manufacture true reference speakers, that were also in my price range, and had determined that I wanted three-way rather than two-way speakers,” explained Shultz. “I spoke to many experts in the business and listened to all the various options in professional listening environments.”

During the ADAM listening session, “many of the event participants had demo music including me, and we played all of it. The S3V sounded fantastic.” Shultz went home and called Dale Pro Audio in New York City. “I told them I wanted the ADAM S3Vs, they look and sound great and they’ll fit in my studio nicely. It was a dream for the salesman – I was already sold on them!

“I am still in amazement at how well they sound. Just from an overall sonic spectrum, the fidelity is unbelievable. I don’t even have a subwoofer and I’m so happy with the overall sound.”

Working out of his production room in downtown Chicago, which is also equipped with Steinberg Cubase and various pieces of outboard gear, including Universal Audio interfaces, Manley EQ and compressors, and a variety of other audio tools, Shultz says he will try his hand at any scoring project. “But fundamentally I write orchestral or hybrid orchestral – alternative industrial orchestral, as I call it. I’ve always tried to keep the orchestra involved. Even if I’m doing EDM, I may have some piece of the orchestra with it.”