Ian Cross picks Barefoot for Janet Jackson

Producer/engineer Ian Cross has embraced the Barefoot Sound MM27 monitors for his latest project with Janet Jackson.

“When I first heard the Barefoots,” says Cross, “I noticed how controlled the low end frequencies were, and how connected the low end was to the rest of the spectrum. It’s a speaker that does everything a near field monitor should do, but it has that extended low end and it’s not coming from a corner of the room, it’s not bouncing off everything, it’s focused and coming right at you.”

“The music I do, modern R&B music, has a lot of extended low end,” Cross explains. “That can really wreak havoc on what you’re doing if the studio isn’t properly tuned with the low end and the full range of frequencies. Most sub-woofers are just an afterthought in a recording studio. They absolutely just stick them in there to make somebody happy. It drives me crazy.”

Cross is presently working exclusively with Janet Jackson on her forthcoming album.

In addition to working with Barefoot monitors at his own studio in LA, Cross travels the world with Janet Jackson, his Barefoot monitors, and a mobile studio comprised of Pro Tools HD Omni, an API Neve, an API compressor, a vintage 1962 Telefunken ELA M 251, and a Tube Tech CL1B compressor.