IBC 2012: SSL showcases V5 software

Exhibiting at stand 8 D83 at this year’s IBC 2012 show, Solid State Logic is showcasing its V5 software for the C100 HDS digital broadcast console.

Primarily focused on the implementation of Dual Operator Mode, the new software was developed in response to feedback from a wide range of SSL clients. This upgrade is of particular relevance to mobile installations when two operators are necessary to work on complex productions, but where space and weight are at a premium.

“The SSL engineering team has developed the V5 software enhancement for the C100 to meet the needs of productions requiring two mix engineers at the same time,” said Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SS. “With V5, for example, our the C100 can be installed in a space and weight conscious OB van to easily handle a live international sporting event presented in different languages. This application would require different simultaneous mixes handled by two operators. We believe the V5 software upgrade will significantly impact the dual-operator segment of the market.”

SSL’s Dual Operator Mode provides two operators the ability to have independent physical controls and access to shared audio assets via a single console processing engine, routing and I/O configuration. The system is designed to allow for an unlimited number of consecutive eight-channel fader bays to be assigned to a second operator. These bays can be found at either end of a C100 console or separated and installed in a remote location such as a production gallery. Furthermore, the 2nd operator bays can be specified with a dedicated Master Tile to provide access to EQ, dynamics, aux sends and various routing functions, or specified without a Master Tile for simple fader-only operation.

The Dual Operator Mode also splits the C100 PFL system to offer independent PFL control for each operator with monitoring via headphones or the main or mini monitor outputs. If both operators access the PFL system simultaneously and route to the monitor outputs, the PFL system delivers a sum of all selected channels. The V5 software also introduces a new momentary ‘non-latching’ PFL mode to facilitate shared use of monitor outputs.

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