Immersive sound studio Headspace opens in Montreal

Headspace Studio, a new facility specialising in the creation and production of immersive audio and VR experiences, has opened its doors in Montreal.

The Canadian studio is working closely with technology firm Oculus VR to create content for the upcoming Oculus Rift headset.

The Headspace team have already completed more than ten VR experiences, including live action work for Cirque Du Soleil clocking in at over ten minutes – reportedly one of the longest VR experiences in live action.

The studio’s most recent project, a tie-in to a certain Hollywood blockbuster, Jurassic World: Apatosaurus (pictured) puts the user within touching distance of a meticulously imagined Apatosaurus.

Audio Media International spoke to director of sound Jean-Pascal Beaudoin on the launch, and why he is so excited about VR sound.

“It’s a very special moment,” remarked Beaudoin. “There’s not a lot of talk about sound in VR although everyone seems to agree it’s 50% of the experience. All the VR community, we have this confidence and faith that VR is going to take off. It’s just so obvious it’s going to work, so we’re confident.

”There’s so many challenges ahead; to me it’s extremely exciting.”

Look out for the full story in AMI’s July/August issue.