INFOCOMM 2011: RTS presents MH pro headset series

RTS is presenting its latest professional headset range, the MH series, at this year’s InfoComm.

The series, designed for enhanced audio/communications performance, is made up of three MH models, which combine a multi-functional modular design with low-profile, lightweight construction. They are all available in “L”-designated, listen-only versions. The MH-300 is a single-sided headset, while the MH-302 and the MH-402 are both double-sided, with the latter featuring ANR (Active Noise Reduction.)

With the MH series the user can switch headset modules to suit their needs, meaning that use is not confined to studio or venue communications. Microphone and listen-only modules can be replaced with a music/audio module, allowing connection to MP3 players, tablets, laptops and other audio devices. The headsets also come with quick-swap connector options to cater for various connectivity requirements.