Inside Graham Coxon’s home studio

Blur guitarist and solo artist Graham Coxon has shared details of his favourite audio gear in a video filmed in his treasured north London home studio. 

“[The studio] was going to be my creative space,” he told Audient. “It started off as just a table with an interface on it, and a computer. Then the audio side of it expanded a bit more…”

Owner of an Audient iD22 audio interface and the eight-channel mic pre ASP800, along with a selection of speakers and an eclectic mix of secondhand kit found on eBay, Coxon confirms that he has made sure that he’s got enough channels and the right gear “to record things cleanly or to muddy things up,” while at the same time being able to experiment with any one of his many acoustic guitars.

Coxon penned the soundtrack to the eight-part Netflix series The End of the F***ing World in his home studio, enjoying the inspiration that recording at home can bring. “Having a place like this in your house means that you can constantly write,” he added. “Any idea I have, I can be up here really quickly and recording it.”

But Coxon does mention that he brings his Audient iD22 with him whenever he leaves London. “It’s just dead easy. I have speakers set up wherever I’m going, just plug them in the back and then you’re off!” he said.

Watch the video below.