Italian distributor Digiland builds on PMC stock

Italian pro audio distributor Digiland is increasing its stock of PMC monitors so that it can ‘offer customers an improved demo experience and faster delivery times.’

The Padua-based company, which has been a PMC distributor since 2001, is also the official Italian distributor for a number of manufacturers including Empirical Labs, Chandler Limited, BURL, Grace Design and Slate Media Technology.

In recent months, Digiland has appointed Massimo Biasibetti (pictured left) as managing director, and is now expanding rapidly thanks to a decision to invest in more marketing.

Biasibetti is supported by technical director Roberto Spolaor (pictured right), whose background in studio engineering and knowledge of pro audio equipment complements his own expertise in architectural, building and ambient acoustics.

“We are launching a new website and increasing all of our marketing and sales activities,” Spolaor explained. “In the short term our focus is on awareness and making sure our brands are available to our usual pro customers and to professional project studio owners who understand the benefits offered by our high-end products.”

In the longer term, Digiland will be further developing its own Reson8 brand of acoustic treatment and services. “I believe that a recording studio, be it Pro or Home-Pro, must be designed and built with real quality in mind,” added Spolaor. “Acoustic treatment, insulation, wiring systems – if you bring harmony and quality to those elements you will also highlight the impressive performance of the audio gear, particularly the PMC monitors.”

Digiland’s demo facilities are currently equipped with a range of PMC products, including IB1SA Mk III, TwoTwo.8, TwoTwo.6, TwoTwo.5 and TwoTwo Sub2 monitors.

“Many studios in Italy have discovered the outstanding qualities of PMC speakers,” Spolaor concluded. “Customers who hear them for the first time just can’t believe their ears and are often so excited that they want to go home with the speakers they have just demoed. This is the reason why we are increasing our PMC stock – so that we can give customers the chance to try a broader range of models and have access to their chosen monitors as quickly as possible.”