JBL Pro monitors power Grammy screening sessions

In preparation for the upcoming 57th Annual Grammy Awards ceremonies, The Recording Academy equipped its listening rooms with Harman’s JBL Professional 3 Series and new 7 Series studio monitors for the awards screening sessions.

The monitors were used for a diverse range of material, from rock to classical to jazz to movie soundtracks – all situations requiring timbral accuracy, wide dynamic range and detailed imaging. The loudspeakers had to be pleasant to listen to for long periods of time, without inducing listener fatigue. Utilising acoustic technology originally developed for use in JBL’s flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, the Image Control waveguide is responsible for the 3 and 7 Series imaging and neutral in-room response.

“The Image Control Waveguide plays a big part in ensuring accuracy and an engaging listening experience in a broad range of environments,” said Peter Chaikin, JBL professional senior manager, recording and broadcast marketing.

Configuring a playback system for surround sound sessions in a 55ft x 29ft conference room, seven of JBL’s new 708i Master Reference Monitors were arranged in a 7.1 configuration, powered by a single Crown DCi 8300 amplifier, and individually tuned to the room using Harman’s BSS Soundweb London BLU800 processor.

With the 708i’s broad-range response from 36kHz to 34Hz, no bass management was employed. Two 12-in LSR6312SP powered studio subwoofers were used to reproduce the LFE low frequency effects channel. The JBL Synthesis SDP45 surround sound processor was used to monitor material submitted in Blu-Ray, DVD, and SACD high-resolution multichannel formats.