Jimmy Hogarth introduces west London studio

UK producer and songwriter Jimmy Hogarth has built a writing studio in Queen’s Park, London. Hoxa is perfect for fellow writers who want to feel as though they are working in a home away from home, but have access to an equipment spec fit for some of the largest tracking rooms around. The studio is based around a Neve 8058 MkII console and Pro Tools HDX, however you can also run tape on the Studer A800 synced up with CLASP. In addition to the impressive equipment spec there are all the tools that a good writing studio needs: three drum kits with a variety of snares, a Bechstein Upright piano, plenty of guitars and bass guitars, guitar amplifiers, pedals, percussion, and more. View the full equipment spec here.

Hoxa consists of a large day-lit open control room with a recording area at one end, which can be separated by curtains. There is also a second recording room for complete isolation.

The decor draws you in making you feel as if you are sitting in a beautiful living room, only one with a vintage Neve console in it.