JoeCo BlackBox records live gigs for Carson Daly chat show

Music mixer Fred Archambault has been heading out to gigs with two JoeCo BBR1-MP BlackBox recorders to capture regular live band performances for US late night entertainment TV show Last Call with Carson Daly.

Since last autumn Archambault has used two of the 24-channel standalone live audio acquisition solutions to capture performances by “well over 30 artists” for the long-running weeknight show on NBC – ranging from English rock bands to former Hüsker Dü mainman Bob Mould and global sensation Ed Sheeran.

A producer/engineer who has logged studio time with acts including Alice Cooper and Panic at the Disco, Archambault has been Carson Daly’s go-to mixer since 2011.

Until recently, he was making use of an “increasingly dilapidated system that weighed about 400 pounds and caused a lot problems with load-in at some venues.” Finally, in 2016, Last Call’s director asked Archambault “if there was something smaller we could be using, so I began to look at the various options.

“I called up my rep at RSPE Audio Solutions and arranged for them to provide a demo BBR1-MP system that we could trial at one of the shows,” said Archambault. “The team was so impressed by the BBR1-MP that they told me to order two of them right away.

“For me it’s about the reliability and the very small footprint,” Archambault added. “The Blackbox BBR1-MP is compact enough that it can be sneaked in anywhere, for example under a monitor console – it’s incredibly portable. The load-in problems we had with the previous system are a thing of the past, while the recorders close out the files so rapidly that I am back at home in bed much quicker than I used to be. The schedule for Last Call with Carson Daly is very busy and involves me mixing up to 180 songs per year, and the BlackBox Recorder makes my daily working life much easier.”