JoeCo releases Windows Driver for BlueBox

Following the IBC Show launch of BlueBox Workstation Interface Recorders in September, JoeCo has announced the release of a dedicated driver for all recent versions of Windows.

Covering Windows 7, 8 and 10, the driver is suitable for the entire BlueBox range.

BlueBox, designed to raise the standard of DAW-based recording set-ups, is now shipping to all markets.

BlueBox protects against freeze and failure with a critical back-up facility that ensures no work is ever lost, even in the event of a power failure. Delivering up to 24 channels of individually switchable mic/line inputs with preamps on every channel, BlueBox also offers all of the features of the BlackBox Recorder for high-end multi-track audio recording in the field.

Two BlueBox Workstation Interface Recorders are available in the shape of the BBWR24MP and BBWR08MP.

In the field, all of the mic preamps become available to deliver a fully stand-alone, multi-channel audio acquisition recorder with near-zero latency and 24bit/96kHz performance. For larger applications, multiple BBWR24MP can be connected to the same Mac (via Core Audio drivers) or Windows (via dedicated ASIO drivers) machine.

Users can also control BlueBox as desired, either from the workstation itself with JoeCoControl, or using the JoeCoRemote app for iPad. Both platforms allow the use of features and functions such as the setting of individual mic pre channel parameters, expandable channel strips and real-time monitor mix adjustment.

“BlueBox is already off to a great start and this release of our dedicated Windows driver marks the completion of the first phase of the range’s roll-out,” commented JoeCo managing director Joe Bull. “The response that BlueBox has already enjoyed shows that the market is hungry for a high-end interface that will protect work with an absolutely reliable back-up, as well as make it sound great.”