JoeCo ships BlackBox recorder

Cambridge-based company JoeCo is now shipping the BlackBox BBR64-MADI recorder.

The recorder, designed for capturing live performance and audio acquisition, enables multi-channel audio to be captured directly to a USB2 drive, in Broadcast WAV format, without the need for a computer.

Based on the typical BlackBox recorder design, the BBR64-MADI records/replays up to 64 channels of MADI data while still occupying one unit of rack space. The recorder can capture the full 64 channels at standard sample rates, with double sample rate MADI recording (up to 96kHz) also accommodated. The unit sports both coaxial and optical MADI connections for interfacing with any MADI equipped console or other equipment. Additionally, it caters for 56-channel legacy MADI and is able to record a further 8 channels of analogue (balanced line in) for capturing the audience reaction or general ambience.

Aimed at providing convenience in the live recording environment, the BBR64-MADI also includes a number of BlackBox recorder “standard” safety features, such as the Safe ‘n’ Sound Record Recovery that will recover files even if the power fails during recording.