John Speck named EAW marketing director

EAW has announced the appointment of John Speck to the position of marketing director.

Speck, who has a long history with the company, served on the marketing team from 1995-2000 and worked as an outside consultant in the years since. His industry expertise and technical knowledge will allow him to develop an on-going strategic vision for marketing EAW.

EAW president Jeff Rocha, stated: “It’s very rare in our industry to find a person who can both understand an innovation at the technical level and also communicate that innovation in a compelling, non-technical way. John is such a person, as he proved over and over during the 1990s. Because John was such an important part of our marketing team in the 1990s, he already understands what works for us. In fact, he already has shared some great ideas. Specifically, we look forward to a revitalised mission to educate the market about the innovations we develop here. As John says, ‘If you’re not teaching, you’re not selling.’ And he understands the balance between EAW’s high-powered, scientific aspects and the fun-loving, approachable side that makes us unique.”

Speck’s career began in 1993 with the Providence, Rhode Island-based advertising firm Mariani, Hurley and Chandler. He joined EAW’s marketing department in 1995, and in his five-years with the company, the team created marketing materials that set new standards in the pro audio industry. In 2000, he left EAW to serve as director of marketing for Mediaspace Solutions. In the year following he founded Real Advertising, which included both EAW and Mediaspace Solutions among its clients.

Speck states, “My approach is very simple: dig down into the brand to find its core values. What’s great about EAW is that those core values are, in fact, values. The brand has a very high level of integrity, and I will continue to bring that message to the market in very clear terms.”